Effective workplace investigations are fair and objective, which sometimes requires outside assistance in distinguishing between legitimate workplace activity and harassment, bullying and unjustifiable conflict in the workplace. As experienced legal counsel with knowledge of the applicable areas of law, we have the ability to conduct privileged and confidential investigations that are thoughtful and thorough, to help you mitigate risk and avoid potentially costly outcomes. We also perform workplace assessments, assist in-house investigators with the legal requirements of an investigation and advise on how to manage complex investigations and unexpected challenges.

We conduct investigations into a variety of allegations of workplace misconduct, including:


  • Human Rights Code based discrimination or harassment
  • Bullying and harassment, including under the Workers' Compensation Act
  • Employer code of conduct and policy breaches
  • WorkSafeBC serious injury and fatality investigations
  • Privacy breaches
  • Other inappropriate conduct/behaviour
Roper Greyell  exercises exceptional skill in resolving workplace issues. They demonstrate the highest level of integrity, understand our workplace, and are committed to resolving issues appropriately, fairly, and effectively.
Shannon Harvey-Renner, Director, Human Resources | Township of Langley