Protected: Slides from Canadian Termination & Severance Practices Seminar

September 2018

Presentations from the joint seminar from LOGAN HR & Roper Greyell LLP on Wednesday, September 26, 2018.

LOGAN HR – 2018 Termination & Severance Practices in Canada

LOGAN HR conducts a national survey of termination and severance practices in Canada every second year. This session will release the results of the 2018 Survey of Termination & Severance Practices in Canada, which includes the results from hundreds of top employers across the country. This survey is the only study of its kind to provide information specific to Canada.

In this presentation, Peter Saulnier and Liz Grant of LOGAN HR provide HR and other business leaders with helpful insights into the following areas:

  • Trends in restructuring
  • Current developments in terminations, severance, and career transition, and
  • Best practices in planning a termination or downsizing

Roper Greyell – Just Cause Termination: Everything You Need to Know

When considering a termination of employment, employers should always consider whether there is the potential for a just cause termination. The law allows an employer to terminate an employee for just cause without notice, or payment in lieu of notice – i.e. no severance at all. However this is a difficult path to navigate. In this presentation, Danny Bernstein of Roper Greyell LLP will review the law of just cause dismissal, provide guidelines for investigating employee misconduct that may lead to just cause, and offer strategic advice on how to structure a termination (including a severance package) when just cause is present.

Learning objectives:

  • How to determine when you have just cause for termination
  • How to investigate employee misconduct (a step-by-step guide)
  • How to structure a termination, including the termination letter, when you think you have just cause for termination