COVID-19 Update – March 30, 2020 – Privacy + FOI Bulletin

March 2020

Article by: Jordan Michaux

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has imposed significant strain on individuals and organizations.  At the same time as employers must consider critical operational and health and safety issues, employers must continue to protect company confidential information, as well as customer and employee personal information, all while navigating the new uncertain landscape.

This information bulletin contains information for employers on several important privacy and freedom of information topics including employees working from home, B.C. data localization requirements, and employee privacy in the context of COVID-19.

To read the March 30, 2020, COVID-19 Privacy and Freedom of Information Update, please see the link below:

COVID-19 Privacy + FOI Update – March 30, 2020


If you have questions on this update, please contact Keri L. Bennett or Jordan Michaux.