COVID-19 Update – Questions to Guide Employers as B.C. Moves to Reopen Businesses

May 7, 2020

As British Columbia prepares for a graduated reopening of businesses and industry across the province, the return to work may bring with it a host of challenges.

Just as we could not foresee all the issues that would come from social distancing (some bad – like a gap in post-secondary training, and some good – like a rise in green initiatives), we cannot predict all the fallout that will come with the return to work.

That being said, things are opening up soon, and we can at least foresee some of the issues that will come up and plan for them. We have been listening to you and developing strategies while thinking about a whole number of topics.

In today’s COVID-19 information bulletin, we explore some questions employers may considering in light of yesterday’s reopening announcements, including:

    • What are my Health and Safety Obligations and how are they different than before?
    • Are there industry-specific rules that apply to my organization?
    • Can we be selective in who gets recalled to work, and how can we decide?

To see the full list of questions, the May 7, 2020, bulletin can be viewed via the link below:

COVID-19 Update – May 7, 2020


For questions on any information contained in today’s bulletin, please feel free to reach out to a member of our firm.

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